Many of you already know that I try to make it over to Ireland on a regular basis. When I go, I bring things like laptops or projectors or whatever I can afford to pick up so that I can bless Irish churches with much needed equipment. I also spend time prayer walking and praying with and for pastors there. In short, I just want to be a part of what God is doing there by being a blessing to the local Irish church.

I get asked frequently if I have any Irish ancestry. The answer is no. I know of no one in my family tree from Ireland. But I have a ton of spiritual heritage there (and so do you if you’re an American christian).

It’s really quite simple. God put a burden on my heart for Ireland. ‘Nuff said.

Years after my first visit to the Emerald Isle, I helped my friend Nick Park (an Irish Pastor) create a video that he could send to American churches to help him raise money for an important project he was undertaking. He talked about “Bringing the Heritage Home”. It was fascinating to hear him communicate about the deep christian history of Ireland and it’s influence on American Christianity. I recently found the video we produced together and thought I’d share some excerpts from it here.

The first is a brief but fascinating history lesson on Irish Christianity.  The second is a talk about Ireland’s influence on America and it’s church.  The third is pastor Nick’s personal testimony and it’s powerful!  Maybe these videos will stir your heart to be a blessing to Irish churches.  Let God speak to you through them.  Who knows, maybe we’ll there together one day!

For more information about my upcoming missions trip to Ireland click here.