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Set out on a journey of courage and transformation.

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

-Joseph Campbell


When I wrote my first novel, Son of the Age, it was because I wanted to tell the story of modern, fractured boyhood in a fantasy setting. What happens when a fatherless child is thrust into a world where he is forced to defend himself and grow up fast?

Little did I know that readers would turn the book over to read it again but to their children. They have been stirred in ways that I hadn’t expected and touched in meaningful ways. It’s an honor to speak into lives through story and I look forward to every opportunity I can take to tell tales of courage and transformation.

“Dreams are not accomplished by choosing the path of least resistance; nor are they typically safe.”

-Dulnear (Son of the Age)

book one of the aun series

son of the age

Book two of the aun series

Man from the north

Book Three of the Aun Series

Daughter of Two Worlds

Book Four of the Aun Series

Hunter From the Rift

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