I hear the term “in my life” a lot.  We sing praise songs about Jesus being a part of our lives.  We ask God to help us with our lives.  We want Him in our lives.  We say things like “I want more of you in my life.” I was thinking about that yesterday, and something occurred to me…

What about God’s life?  I think all the time about Him being a massive part of my life but, could I be a part of His? Maybe that’s what I should be praying, “God, can I be a part of your life?  I don’t want You to be someone that I just drag along with me as I journey towards eternity.  I want to accompany you on Your journey.”

My desire is to go where He goes and do what He does.  I’m happy to be His second fiddle any day.  I’ll be His Tonto, His Chewbacca, His Bucky, or His Robin any day if it means I get to hang out with Him and be a part of His life.

What joy for those who can live in your house, always singing your praises.” – Psalm 84:4