This is a picture of my writing teacher. Her name is Ms. Hoeltzner. It’s not a very good picture because we’re not supposed to have our phones out in class.

The thing about Ms. Hoeltzner is that she doesn’t teach writing. She PREACHES it! She’s passionate about the subject and I love it. There’s just something about passionate people that draws me in and stirs up interest in whatever it is they’re talking about.

I remember the first time I ever watched Steve Irwin on television. Previously I had no interest in wildlife, but I soon wanted to adopt every animal in the zoo.

That’s the power of passion. It moves people, compels them, and awakens something inside them they didn’t know was there. Passion is vital to anyone who desires to lead, inspire, or effectively communicate.

So do me a favor. Why don’t you tell me about one person who’s passion has motivated you. Just tell me about them in the comments section below.

Oh, by the way, Ms. Hoeltzner told me today that she thinks I’m a really good writer. It really meant a lot to me 🙂