Here’s one from a while back I wanted to share with you…

I was listening recently to a 500 year old benediction, sung in Latin, by a four voice choir.  There were several things that struck me about the piece.  One was the way the song sounded so full and rich, even though it was only four voices, no accompaniment, no effects or processing.  Just four voices lifting praises to God.  Another was how beautiful and melodic the music was.  It seemed to gently rise and flow like small waves on the water.  It was a far cry from the four chord wonders we play in church today.  Lastly, even though I understood not one of the words being sung, I was moved. Moved to tears, moved to meditate on God’s great beauty and, because the choral was birthed from Psalm 51, moved to repentance.  I found myself asking forgiveness for my severe inadequacies in expressing worship to The Father, my inability to communicate to Him beyond simple, base expressions, and for the shallowness my own spiritual well.

I’ve often thought about the idea that my life could be a song to The Lord.  I’ve even sung it in church “My life’s a love song to you”.  But what kind of song am I?  I’ve also watched movies and thought, “If my life were a movie, what kind of movie would it be?”  A complicated drama directed by Oliver Stone?  A heartwarming romance starring Hugh Grant?  A Will Ferrell comedy?  Or a sprawling epic of bravery and history making events?  I would love to believe that my life is an epic story of heroism and courage.  Unfortunately, I live much of it like a Disney, straight to DVD forgetable film. The difference?  Like movies, it’s often the cost that separates the great from the mediocre.  It simply costs too much to do great things. Constant devotion to their instrument makes a musician great.  Hours every day in front of a canvas allows a painter to make color and shade come alive.  And a focused life of prayer, fasting, worship, and selfless service equips a person to do great things for God, spilling over with beauty that inspires others to do the same. Like I said, the cost we are willing to pay is what makes the difference.

So what am I?  What do I want my life to be?  A four chord wonder or a radiant benediction swelling with a depth and sincerity?  Am I a made for TV movie or a massive life-changing film? I guess that depends on how much I’m willing to spend and whether or not I stick to my commitments to God and not be tempted by what comes easy.  I guess it comes down to Psalms 19:14, “May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” Am I going to produce the movie of my life to please God, or my self?  Am I singing the song of my heart for God’s enjoyment or to impress others?

“Lord, as the song of my life is sung, let it be a masterpiece that is lovely to your ears and compelling to all who hear it.  Give me the grace to keep living the epic when what is easy, comes natural, and is safe is calling my name.  I love you!”