Every Friday night I lead a community prayer meeting for college-aged young people.  It’s often times a powerful experience of praising God and crying out to Him for our homes, our community, and the next generation.  There’s something about being surrounded by all that raw passion, as the praise team plays and the group unashamedly demonstrates their love for God, that I never get tired of.

A few weeks ago, a young girl came to the meeting and introduced herself to me.  As we talked, she explained to me how she really loves God but felt awkward with outward demonstrations of praise. It was unnatural for her to lift her hands, dance, and shout.  I told her that was OK and that there was nothing wrong with giving praise to God in a quiet manner.

Tonight, at our meeting, I felt a particular leading from the Holy Spirit that He wanted to do a work of freedom in the group.  The majority of our meetings are very outward focused as we intercede for the community and our nation, but tonight was different.  God wanted to do something in us.  There was shame, guilt, addiction, and other chains that needed to be broken so we could go out from there and help set others free.

During our time of praise, I caught something in my peripheral vision.  Around the corner, out of sight from most of the people in the room, was the young girl I met a few weeks ago.  And she was dancing!  As the praise team played, “Halleluia, Halleluia, King of Kings, Lord of Lords I am yours”  She was swaying to music with her hands in the air and her face lit up with redemption!  I looked and knew she was experiencing the love of the one who loves like no other.  It was her and The Savior and all else was strangely dim.

What a beautiful thing to see The King dancing with His daughter.  I have to admit, it inspired me.  Where, in my friendship with Jesus, could I benefit from stepping out of my comfort zone?  And what a stirring I felt to experience His intimate touch.

So thanks Invisible Dancer.  You helped me experience God tonight, even as you experienced Him in a new way!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, a lot of people were set free tonight from the things I mentioned earlier.  It was awesome!