I want more!

I want more than surface, more than artsy, and more than self promotion wrapped in “ministry”.

I want more than book deals, recording contracts, Dove Awards, the CBA, and Jesus used to push a product.

I want more than Christian culture, trite blog posts, music recommendations, and to stop being told whats “relevant” because it’s not!

I want more than an impotent, powerless American church that measures success by numbers and name recognition.

I want more than cloning dressed up like discipleship and concerts dressed up like worship.

I want more than rock stars, more than celebri-preachers and all of those who want to be like them.

I want more than green rooms, name dropping, and reserved seating.

I want more than a slick communicator in hundred dollar jeans telling me how to live a balanced life because I don’t want to live a balanced life!

I want to be totally sold out and spent for Jesus.

I want to live in humility and servanthood.

I want to see God’s power healing the sick, saving the lost, and delivering the oppressed.

I want to see a generation on their faces, worshiping a holy God, even when there is no music, no lights, and no stage.

I want the church to be a lighthouse where the lost, abused, broken, and bound can find mercy, freedom, and forgiveness.

I want to swim in the deep end.  I want to be provoked to give more, pray more, discover more, and experience beautiful intimacy with our Savior.

I want to see our resources poured into things that will have eternal significance, to be Roaring Lambs, salt and light, and agents of change.

I want something real.

I want more!