Every once in a while a CD comes out that just grips me.  My wife doesn’t like it because she tires of the same music more quickly than I do, but since this one arrived a couple of weeks ago, it’s all I want to listen to.

Here in the “Christian ghetto” your options are limited.  You have your standard K-Love stuff, your heavier Skillet-y type music, and a bunch of “we have a great worship team at our church so we’re putting out a CD” stuff.  It’s all good, but there is better out there.

Enter the UK/Irish band Iona, which happens to be my favorite band.  Years ago, their CD “Journey into the Morn” got me started exploring Celtic Christianity, which led me to take several missions trips to IrelandTheir music possesses a depth, color, texture, and richness that is hard to find in any progressive rock. Though not labeled a “worship band” you can’t help but encounter the presence of God at one of their concerts and it’s not unusual to see people kneeling, weeping, or dancing while the band plays.

In terms of sheer musical ability, Iona is amazing.  I want to keep this post short so I’ll just say I’ve never heard another band come close to the musical ability of Iona.  It’s downright inspiring!  As somewhat of a musician myself, they make me want to grow in my isntrument.

Their latest CD, “Another Realm” has grabbed me by the ear and won’t let go.  It’s worshipful, prophetic, and a cry out to God for His Kingdom here on earth.  I’ve been walking with Jesus since 1982 and I’ve honestly never heard anything like it.  I’ve spent many hours walking around my neighborhood listening to “The Ancient Wells” and praying for revival.  We even plan on singing a couple of the songs at our church (as soon as I can figure out how to get permission, of course).  You really don’t listen to this CD, you experience it.

In short, amazing talent + God’s anointing = an incredible CD.  Get it!

Here’s their website, currently the only place you can buy the CD or purchase songs by download.

By the way, this is not an endorsed post.  I just love sharing things that are awesome!