Thanks for checking out my new blog. A while ago, I felt The Lord nudging me to communicate about the power of the invisible church.

So often, in our Western church culture, we look to the platform ministers, the professionals, the staffers, and the rock stars and think, “If only I could do something great for Christ the way they do.” We mistakenly believe that greatness equals recognition, credential, or even fame (why the word “fame” is even used in ministry is beyond me!)

Don’t misunderstand me, I am NOT against platform ministry, Christian recording artists, or conference speakers (I’m a licensed minister, public speaker, and conference goer myself). It’s just that I’m convinced that, when we all arrive in eternity and our eyes are opened, we’ll find that the greatest works were done by people we never heard of. That the greatest impact was made by the Average Joes, the Nobodies, and the sea of nameless, faceless faithful ones who gave what they had because they were crazy enough to believe they could make a difference even if they never took up any space under the spotlight.

My hope is that this little blog might inspire Everyday Saints to write history with their prayers, their passion, and their partnering with God’s activity on the planet. Please don’t get upset with me if I go off topic, post pictures of my kids, or just rant about something really random. After all, I’m just a regular person like you.

Just don’t forget, we’re regular people who happen to reflect the Glory of The God of the Ages!

At the foot of the cross.

At the foot of the cross.