I Got Killed In a Movie

Recently, I had the pleasure of appearing in a micro-budget independent film produced right here in the Quad Cities.  It was directed by David Clevenger of Shepherd King Films, his fourth film.

I had a very small part, but I got to say the best line (I made it up)… then I got killed.  It kind of looks like red snot flying out of my back but it’s supposed to be blood.

Can you spot the line I made up?  Post it in the comments and I’ll tell you if you’re right!  Enjoy this two and a half minute clip featuring my big role…


The Spinach Eaters

The other day, my two youngest boys decided to eat a can of spinach.  They really believed that eating it would make them stronger, just like Popeye.  Check it out…

Hudson’s reaction to the soggy canned spinach was priceless!

I love the fact that children believe the impossible and, at times, I wish it was easier for me to believe the impossible too (I AM working on it!)

When I was a kid I believed that, if I tied a towel around my neck for a cape and concentrated hard enough, I’d be able to fly.

What’s something crazy you believed when you were a kid?

God Loves Our Prayers

Here’s part two of three in this series on the convictions we need to hold about prayer.

Did you know that God loves our prayers?  Take a look…

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