I Like You. Take a Guitar Pedal!

I like playing guitar.  I’ve been playing in church for about six years.  I play electric and acoustic.  Electrics are fun to play because there’s an amazing amount of pedals, amps, and gizmos you can use to alter your sound and play with your tone.  Acoustics, on the other hand, aren’t given that kind of attention.  Probably because most acoustics sound great out of the box.

I found this little acoustic pedal a couple of years ago being sold as a refurb.  It’s super fun to play with and I especially like messing around with the step-phaser.  I’ve since upgraded to another acoustic multi-effects pedal and thought, rather than selling it on eBay, I’d give it away to one of my blog readers.

I know you’ll enjoy playing with this and crafting your own sounds as you go.  It even has a built in tuner!

All you have to do for a chance to win this pedal is leave a comment about how you’ll use it (At church?  In a band?  Practice?) and then hit that little retweet button on the left.

I’ll be announcing the winner in a blog post at the end of the week so stay sharp or you might miss it 🙂

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I Like You. Take a Messenger Bag.

For years I’ve been selling bags on eBay to raise money for Irish missions. (Check out my Irish Missions page).  I’m not sure why I chose military inspired messenger bags and back packs to sell.  Maybe because I like to read and I like something sturdy to carry my books around in.  Maybe it’s because Jack Bauer uses one of these sweet bags.  Maybe it’s because bags are “one size fits all” so I don’t have to deal with accepting very many returns on eBay.

Whatever the case, I really want to give a messenger bag to one of my cool blog readers.  (That’s you.  You’re cool!)  Why?  I’m hoping that whenever you use your cool new messenger bag, you’ll be reminded to pray for a move of God in Ireland.

So what do you have to do?  Just post a comment on this post and tell me what you’d use it for.  School?  Work?  Books?  Your laptop?  The other thing you’ll have to do is click that little retweet button on the left and tell your friends.  That’s it!  At the end of the week, my seven year old son will randomly pick a winner from the comments section and I will reveal the name of that person in a blog post with instructions on how to claim your new bag.  If you’re worried that you’re going to miss the post that reveals the winner, there’s a subscription link at the bottom of this post. (Or click the RSS button at the top of the page.)

Here’s a picture of that awesome bag.  Don’t forget to pray for Ireland!

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