Inst-Ache! The Instant Mustache Spray!

One thing I love about having three boys is their instant willingness to do anything silly or disgusting.  With this commercial parody we did them both!

Granted, Cole didn’t want to have a mustache painted on, but he was a great sport about me photoshopping him in some goofy pictures.  In one picture he really is crying.  He was in a strange pre-teen mood that day and I was trying to cheer him up by taking some funny pictures.  The cheering-up effort didn’t work…

Hudson was a natural.  A couple of takes is all it took.  He refused to get out of costume or wash off the mustache for the rest of the day.

Forrest took the brunt of the abuse.  We spent a loooong time shooting in the bathroom.  He was fully aware of how silly he looked but dove in enthusiastically.  He wants to make films when he grows up so I try to provide opportunities like this to have fun and walk him through the process.