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An Easter Prayer for the Church

April 1, 2015 • By

Dear Lord,

We are not as you intended
We’re like sheep who resist the safety of the sheepfold
We ignore the Shepherd’s call and choose the siren’s song of seduction
We claim to want relationship with our redeemer but our claims are false
Our actions speak louder than our claims and our words deceive none but ourselves

We adore the screen
We tithe to the God of entertainment
We worship at the alter of comfort and crave leisure more than your presence
We’ve exchanged our strength for gluttony
We’ve traded our honor to belong in a world that hates us
and forfeited our dignity to broadcast our opinions READ MORE

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Put Your Focus In the Right Place

November 4, 2014 • By

I’m learning that amazing things can happen when we live with the awareness that God uses our availability more than our abilities.

When we focus on our abilities, then it’s too easy to disqualify ourselves from the opportunities God brings our way, because we feel we lack the skill or talent.  We limit ourselves to only what we feel qualified to do.

But when we make ourselves available to the needs and pain of others, and trust that God can do the work through us, then we can change the world.

Be aware today!