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Put Your Focus In the Right Place

November 4, 2014 • By

I’m learning that amazing things can happen when we live with the awareness that God uses our availability more than our abilities.

When we focus on our abilities, then it’s too easy to disqualify ourselves from the opportunities God brings our way, because we feel we lack the skill or talent.  We limit ourselves to only what we feel qualified to do.

But when we make ourselves available to the needs and pain of others, and trust that God can do the work through us, then we can change the world.

Be aware today!


Bro Love

August 21, 2014 • By


That happened back in 1990 (or so). Our mom made us go down to the Sears portrait studio. I’m pretty sure we got into a fight shortly before the sitting, but dang it, we were going to look like loving brothers whether we liked it or not!