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7 Reasons Millennials Are Awesome

January 12, 2017 • By


Just the mention of them causes some folks to roll their eyes and question the future of our nation once the youngsters are running the place. It seems like a popular past-time to bash those who were born between 1980 and 2000. In fact, you can hardly scroll down your Facebook feed without seeing a blog post or article criticizing them for being entitled, lazy, or selfie-obsessed.

As a pastor who’s been leading Millennials for a while, I have to say I’ve really enjoyed spending time with the next generation. In fact, I’ve made a list of seven reasons why they’re awesome. Check it out.

They’re entrepreneurial. Millennials aren’t stuck in the mindset that you have to get a corporate job with benefits, put in 30 years, and be taken care of by the company through retirement. They’re okay with making less to do what they love, starting new businesses, and carving new paths.

They’re compassionate. I’ve never known a generation to care so much about making a difference in the world. For our camp for abused and neglected foster kids, many of our camp counselors are┬áMillennials and they come back year after year to invest in the lives of their campers. Some have even gone to foster care training so that they can open up their homes to the orphans of today.

They’re flexible. They don’t seem to be stuck in any particular way of doing things. If we make changes at that last minute or adjustments to the way things are done at the church, they just roll with it. I love that we can count on our Millennials to go with the flow.

They’re creative. Growing up, if I wanted to record an album, I had to pay a recording studio huge sums of money to make it happen. If I wanted to be a photographer, I had to purchase an expensive camera and pay to have my pictures developed (while I waited a couple days). If I wanted to make a movie, it would have cost more than a house! Millennials have grown up with affordable technology that helps make all that happen, and they’ve been able to foster those expressions since they were a very young age.

They’re tech-savvy. This goes along with my last point. Growing up with technology, there’s just no learning curve for them. When I was a kid, it was a big deal to be able to set the clock on the VCR without a manual. Millennials are programming virtual reality video games for fun in their spare time.

They’re transparent. I never have to wonder what a Millennial is thinking. I asked one what she though of my book and she answered, “I didn’t think it was going to be that good but I was really surprised.” Maybe not the most gracious answer, but I didn’t leave wondering how she really felt. Growing up in the age of Amazon reviews and social media has taught them to give their opinions plainly and with honesty.

They’re adventurous. This is one of my favorite Millennial traits. Every year or two, I take a foreign missions trip (most of the time to Ireland). I like to take people with me because the experience is wonderful, and has a way of expanding the way you see the world. Besides my mother, the only people who have been willing to go with me are Millennials. They’re okay with breaking their routine, taking time off work, and getting the money together. Instead of immediately thinking about the reasons they can’t, they think about ways they can! It’s an adventure and they’re in!

I’m excited and honored to get to pastor Millennials. I have high hopes for the future and, well, they’re pretty awesome.



11 Ways to Completely Ruin Your Christmas

December 20, 2016 • By

I love Christmas.

Yup, I really do.

Believe it or not, there are some who just can’t stand it. They’re like hairless grinches who can’t see any purpose for the celebration.

If that’s you, I thought I’d write a little guide for ruining the holiday for yourself and others. I hope you enjoy it!

Keep telling yourself that you’ve got plenty of time to get ready for Christmas. Instead of enjoying the few days leading up to the holiday, you’ll be scrambling to wrap presents, plan get-togethers, and send cards.

Make it about gift-giving
Put lots of pressure on yourself to make everyone happy. That way you can blow lots of money on junk your friends and family don’t need.

Attend everything you’re invited to
Make sure to run out the door Christmas morning so you can spend time with your parents, your spouse’s parents, and all your relatives that you only see once a year. (It can be a great thing to spend time with family but don’t run yourself ragged doing it.)

Worry about what other people think
While your busy attending every party and gathering, make sure to give yourself ample time to obsess over what you’re going to wear. Also, make sure you put the right spin on your life when people ask how you’re doing these days.

Talk about divisive topics
Who doesn’t love to talk about politics at a Christmas party? While you’re at it, discuss corporate greed, conspiracy theories, and race relations.

Gripe lots. Everyone loves a downer. Make sure to complain about how long church lasted, how crowded the stores are, about your job, and about each other.

Over eat
Eat until you get sick. You need more regrets in your life. Spending an hour bent over on the bathroom floor will be a memory you won’t forget for years to come.

Have unrealistic expectations
Expect Christmas to be just like a Norman Rockwell painting. Imagine the family standing around the old upright piano singing carols and drinking eggnog while wearing the sweaters you bought them. Make that your goal and you won’t be disappointed!

Let the weather dictate your mood
You should be extremely disappointed if it’s not a white Christmas. Make sure to let gloomy December skies kill your Christmas buzz. After all, if there’s no snow, it doesn’t FEEL like Christmas.

Let social media constantly distract you
Christmas only comes once a year and some of your family members came a long way to celebrate with you so you better make sure to check Facebook every few minutes. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss that hilarious meme your friend shared.

Be ungrateful
Your spouse and parents just don’t know what you really like, there’s way too much gluten on the table, and it takes forever to find something good to watch on Netflix. What is there to be grateful for at Christmas time anyway??

Well, I hope that helps. If you’re a person that really does like Christmas, try doing the opposite of these eleven things. Remember to keep the main thing the main thing and let a heart of gratitude swell up inside of you for the birth of our savior.

Have a great holiday!